How and Why Breeding Horses

Breeding Horses

Horse breeding is an interesting business, but very troublesome and costly. Horses can be safely attributed to capricious animals, they will not tolerate bad attitude, maintenance or lack of food and can rebel. They also need constant attention. The last thing that is important to understand is the financial side of the issue. Not only feed, but also the stall, bedding, the animals themselves, veterinarian examinations – everything requires money, you need to be prepared for this.

Why are horses bred?

Horses are bred for different purposes: as a pet, for sports, for walks, for meat, as an additional labor force. In each case, additional spending may be required. So, for example, when teaching sports horseback riding, you need to purchase sports uniforms not only for the rider, but also for the horse. Using an animal as a labor requires the purchase of supplies to harness it to a plow or cart. The same applies to all other cases.

So, so that you do not have to go to unplanned expenses, you should find out in more detail everything about the business that you want to run, what you need for it, and only then start it. In this case, horse breeding will not be a problem in the first year.

Where to begin?

The first thing to do before purchasing horses for breeding is to draw up a plan or a business plan. Only thorough preparation will allow the breeder not to be at a loss. You need to fully consider why the horses will be bred, in what quantity, what will need to be purchased, what you can save on at first, and so on.

It is also advisable for the breeder to scout out the prices for horses in advance and for the products that he will sell or services that he can provide in order to get some profit from horse breeding. Reconnaissance of the situation and demand in the market will help to adjust the work plan and business conduct.

It is also worth considering the issue with the staff in advance. If a large stable is planned, then you will need people who can look after it (clean the premises, horses, carry out regular feeding, watering, maybe even walk or train the horses). These are additional funds, but they are necessary. For example, raising a horse for sporting events is possible only under the clear guidance of a trainer – a person who knows how to train horses with maximum benefit for the breeder and the animal itself.

How to build and equip a stable?

After drawing up a rough or accurate business plan, it is worth considering a stable. It is certainly not worth buying horses that will have nowhere to sleep. So until the premises are built and equipped, horses cannot be bought. But how do you build a stable?

It all depends on the scale at which the breeder is aiming. One person cannot build large premises – builders are needed. Small, you can build it yourself, if you have all the building materials.

The size of the stables depends on the number of horses. The height of small stables, where 1-3 animals are kept, can be up to 2.8 meters. The height of rooms up to 10 individuals is 3.1 m, if there are up to 30 horses, then the ceiling should be located at a height of 3.4-3.75 m, and if there are up to 50 individuals, then the ceiling height is usually 3.75-4.5 meters. That is, the more animals, the higher the stall. This is explained by the fact that the high ceiling makes the room brighter, more spacious and functional.

Stalls are made in a large, built room. There should be as many of them as there are horses. You can also build 2-3 spare stalls for emergencies, because sometimes horse breeding is unpredictable.

The size of the stall depends on the age of the horse:

  • For peers – 4 m / sq.
  • For two-year-olds – 6 m / sq.
  • For three-year-olds – 8 m / sq.
  • For a horse with a foal – 9.6-11.5 m / sq.

If the size of the premises allows, you can make all the stalls large, as for three-year-olds, nevertheless, the horses grow – this will allow them not to be rebuilt after a while.

Walls, floors must be protected from mold, made of reliable material. It is also important to exclude any drafts, as they negatively affect the health of pets. Sashes and windows for ventilation are arranged at a height of 2.2 meters so that the wind “walks” at the top of the room, and not on the floor. Windows are made around the entire perimeter, but on the sunny side they should be matte. Feeders and drinkers are placed at a height of 50-70 cm, depending on the age of the horse, so that it is convenient for her to eat from them.

In addition to all this, horse care equipment is installed in the stable. It is also worth worrying about a large field or meadow near the stall, where the horses can walk, run and graze.

How to keep horses?

Now the hardest part begins. Horse breeding involves constant caring for them. Feeding, brushing, brushing, bathing, walking and many other points should not be ignored. There are a few important points in horse care that any horse breeder and staff should keep in mind.

  • The diet is always matched to the breed, purpose and characteristics of the animal – there are no standards for everyone.
  • Grooming and inspection of the hooves should be carried out daily or even 2 times a day if the horse is engaged in sports training, participation in competitions, or physical labor.
  • It is very dangerous to walk horses in rain, snow, slush, and in strong winds. The animal can catch a cold, get sick, dislocate its leg.
  • The stall is cleaned every day or even several times a day. It is important all the time to monitor the cleanliness of the litter, troughs for food, water. Even the windows and walls must shine so that fungus does not grow in the stable.
  • Food is always given fresh, cooked a maximum of half an hour before feeding. Compound feed, grain, hay are bought from one reliable manufacturer, since frequent changes in the type or quality of food can lead to problems with the horse’s digestion.

As you can see, caring for horses is difficult, but these proud and sophisticated animals will fully return love and kindness to their owners, you just need to wait until they grow up.

How to make money?

Horse breeding is very expensive. Initially, their maintenance will require a lot of money, but such a business can pay for itself completely not earlier than after 3 years of hard work with these amazing creatures.

Most breeders set up additional business in order to quickly recoup the costs. So, for example, on a farm where horses are bred for racing, you can open a horse rental service, horse riding, training of young riders. You can also make money at competitions and exhibitions. It is not uncommon for beautiful stallions to take part in photography and video filming for advertising or even surrender to be filmed in films!

So, in principle, if there is a desire, you can find how to earn extra money on horses, only this must be done competently so as not to harm the main business for which horses were generally bred.

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